About us

Welcome to Local Surf Maroc, a family run Bed & Breakfast and Surf House, situated in Tamraght, a sun-drenched village along the western coast of Morocco. The village is an old Berber fishing village, where surfers and fishermen live alongside each other and create a unique vibe that is growing along the coast.

Rachid surfing

Rachid: Founder, Host, Head Surf Instructor
Rachid grew up in Taghazout, learning to ride waves on a body board as a child. When he was 9, his father bought him a short board, fueling his passion for surfing. Having surfed all his life, Rachid knows every surf spot and how the weather conditions can affect each point differently.

Rachid spent time in England gaining his Level 2 ISA Surf Coach and Lifeguard qualification, and has been coaching for 10 years. Affectionately, Rachid is known as the Surfing Cupid, inspiring beginners to fall in love with the sport, and intriguing those who already love the sport to experience the best surfing Morocco has to offer.

After working for several surf camps in the area over the last 10 years, Rachid formulated a vision that included more personal and homely touch to Moroccan surf camps.

Christiana over Agadir Square

Christiana: Host, Booking Manager, Taekwondo Coach
Christiana grew up on the Canadian prairies, with not much water around. Despite this, her father taught her and her brothers to swim in the public pools and nearby lakes, creating a generation of water babies. In 2011, Christiana tried surfing for the first time and after moving to the UK in 2012, has fallen in love with the seaside.

During her time in the UK, Christiana spent time competing in Taekwondo and gaining her Level 2 Taekwondo Coaching certificate from British Taekwondo. She has coached National champions of her own and from Sport England received runner up for Best Satellite Club in England in 2017 for her work in getting girls involved with sport.

In 2019, Christiana joined the Local Surf Maroc family, bringing not only her management and organization skills, but her love of meeting and connecting with new people and her vision of creating a home away from home for guests.

Local Surf Maroc Mohamed

Mohamed: Host, Cook
Mohamed grew up in Taghazout and is the son of a local fisherman. Despite not being a surfer, he has as much salt water in his blood as those who surf. Mohamed is a wealth of knowledge of the local area and its history: any local culture you have an interest in, Mohamed is likely to have the answer.

Besides being a host, Mohamed is cook and all around handyman of the house. If there’s anything you need, he’s the man to talk to.

Karim surf board

Karim: Surf Instructor
Karim, like his brothers, grew up in Taghazout and next to the ocean. Despite being an apprentice baker, Karim’s passion for surfing brings him back to the ocean. Having completed his Life Guarding training in early 2019 to spend all day at the beach during the summer season in Taghazout. He loves sharing his passion and knowledge for the sport with everyone he meets.

At Local Surf Maroc, we haven’t simply built a surf camp or organize holidays, we’ve created a cozy and relaxed space where we can meet new people and build new friendships. While the four or us are the mainstays at Local Surf Maroc, you never know who you might bump into and what friendships you could end up leaving with. The ocean and surfing is our life and our passion, but above all else, we wish for you to feel at home in our community and at our table.